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Python HELICS bindings

pip install helics

If you wish to get additional functionality in the CLI (experimental), you can install it using the following:

pip install 'helics[cli]'


To use the project:

import helics as h

See for more information about how to use HELICS.

This package uses cffi to provide a Python interface to the HELICS C API.

By default, when you install from PyPI, the version number of the package will match the version of HELICS that is installed. For example, if you run the following:

pip install helics

You will also get precompiled binaries of HELICS for your platform if they exist. If they don’t exist, a source distribution will attempt to be built and installed. The user can also provide the location of the binaries if they wish to do so. For more information, see


Please share the output of the following command when creating an issue:

$ python -c "import helics as h; import json; print(json.dumps(h.helicsGetSystemInfo(), indent=4, sort_keys=True))"